Email Archive System

Is anyone running a full email archive system? We have a Barracuda Archiver that we installed back in 2013, it is time to review the need and cost of having the system and wondering what other churches are doing?

Archiving - Yes or No

If yes -

What are you using?
How long do you keep emails in archive - 3 years, 5 years, Forever?

Thank you for your feedback
Mark Rock
Lincoln Berean Church

Hi Mark!
If you’re using Exchange, you can turn journaling, I think it’s called, on for any users you want. I believe m365 has an option at e3 or higher.

No, we are not archiving.

M365/Exchange Online has DLP policies that can force retention periods, but we also backup M365/archive email via Dropsuite. Easy-peasy and cheap as chips on both fronts.

UGH, Email. Do we Archive No do we need to Archive? Only for some. Email has turned into a document management system which it is not made for. The first thing you need is a good retention policy that is clear on what needs to be saved. (I really believe that if you go back through those archived emails you will find jokes, weather reports, personal email from their family and SPAM) I implemented a SharePoint site for each department (email enabled.) The Users of that department would forward any document to that site that they thought was important. Anyone from that department would be able to see the documents that they placed there. The rest of the emails were on a schedule to be delete after 180 days. This did two things:

  1. If a user leaves the company important documents are now in SharePoint and the next person who replaces that person can see those documents.
  2. It forces the user to clean up their email. You can forward the jokes, weather, and personal emails to their own personal account.

Sorry for getting on my soap box.

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We have been using Synology with the free Active Backup for Mocrosoft 365 app. Storage is limited by your disk storage so set whatever retention you want.

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing Wayde!