Elvanto - Opinions / New Adoptees?

Only one mention of Elvanto that I found anywhere in the forum, so i thought I’d start a thread:

Who’s using Elvanto ?
Initial thoughts ?
Major Pros / Cons for new adoptees?

Looking forward to hearing back from anyone…


I planted a church in Georgia who switched to Elvanto as I was leaving to move to Colorado Springs. From what I remember it was an inexpensive product that easily focused on the big three that the church plant needed (Worship Planning, Volunteer Scheduling and Giving). I was the pastor of connection and at the time (3-4 years ago), it didn’t have as much of a focus on the things that were near and dear to my heart (Shepherding & Discipleship) but they may have come out with a lot more since then.

They are based in Australia, I believe, so I don’t hear as much about them here in the States as I did when I was working with international churches. All-in-all, I’ve heard good things about them, though but it really comes down to what are you really trying to accomplish with your ChMS and which option is focused on those same goals?

Hope that helps.


Excellent. Very helpful. I appreciate you taking some time to share those details.

One thing I’m curious about: Did Elvanto have a check-in system, and if so…

 Did it work well?

grace and peace,

This was 3+ years ago and it was “functional” then. I wasn’t a fan of the printed labels but I’m sure a lot has improved since then. I don’t necessarily remember it being overly positive or negative. Sorry that my memory has waned a little bit since then.