Effective remote 1-2-1 sessions

Our church has just completed an FICM Disciple Course online using Zoom. However, it is normal after such a course to run individual Freedom Appointments with each of the participants shortly afterwards. This is causing a bit of angst in terms of how to do this when there are still movement and meet up restrictions in place due to Covid lockdown and concerns about how effective this would be in practice.

Have any of your churches managed to find effective ways to run intimate sessions such as FICM Freedom or Bethel Sozo appointments remotely?

Please note, this is not just about the tech, it is also about whether or not the tech was a help or a hindrance to running such sessions.

When having sensitive conversations, being able to see the face of the
other person can be really helpful. If you aren’t going to use video I’m
not sure Zoom is a better way to call someone than the telephone.