Effective Church Organization Structure, EPOD's feedback

Are you a church that uses a Central Services style leadership model?
We (Calvary) are looking for EPOD (Essential/Preferred/Optional/Discouraged) or similar organization structure examples from other churches. These are also sometimes also called IPODS, and help the organization to define and understand ministry priorities.
Alternatively, if you can share a Central Services team member contact information, we can contact them directly.

Either reply here or email lindsay.walker@calvary.church

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Bayside uses a central services model for IT service delivery to our various campuses. All of our ministries and departments were tasked with creating “Imperatives, Preferences and Abstain” directives. I’m the new IT Director at Bayside and created the following Imperatives. This is still in draft format:

• Create a positive customer experience
• Create a positive work environment for IT staff that fosters creativity and productivity
• Reduce operational costs of IT Department
• Increase network availability and uptime for all campuses
• Improve security posture of IT infrastructure
• Become trusted advisors for all technology needs
• Identify new emerging technologies for continuous improvement across all Bayside departments and ministries

Haven’t started on preferences and abstain yet.


This is interesting, I’d remove “Reduce operational costs of IT Department” personally… I’m trying to increase that, unless I’m misreading.

I definitely wouldn’t mind “Reduce waste costs” or similar, which may be what you mean, but I spent the first 4 years of my role here barely spending anything, and it has taken us several years to recover from the mess that created.

Side note: I think if I had searched for “Essential Preferred Optional Discouraged” when this was posted back in 2019 I would have gotten more helpful results…

Agreed… reducing waste was the intention. We’re growing and adding staff too.