Dymo Turbowriter 450 label recommendation?

We are currently using Dymo 450s for checkin and are looking for a vendor for label stock. Does anyone have a vendor/product that they are happy with from a price/performance perspective? Our current labels have not been sticking well :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help!

We’ve had pretty good luck with these from Amazon: Spartan Industrial - Compatible Labels Replacement for DYMO 30256.

We were purchasing labels from LabelsDirect for our Dymo 450s and were pretty happy with those for checkin.

We’ve moved to Brother QL-800s and are currently sourcing labels from Betckey (since we use a color label, not just white) and while they are adequate for checkin, they don’t seem to have as strong an adhesive as those from LabelsDirect.

We use to order from https://www.acstechnologies.com/store/ for our Dymo labels.