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Hi Folks,

I’ve worked in several non-profits over the years in a variety of capacities and one recurring theme has been the restrictions finances put upon these organizations (including churches). I’ve also seen how often there are other organizations (for-profit or non-profit) that are willing to give (or discount significantly) goods and services to these non-profits, if only they ask for them.

Unfortunately, there is a big disconnect between the organizations with need and the organizations with resources…so I’ve been working on a site that I hope could help rectify that.

I know there is already TechSoup for technology needs, and I am very grateful for their service, but I’m looking for something that goes beyond technology (though including tech) and something which handles smaller donors than TechSoup seems to handle, etc.

The site is still very early stages, you guys are some of the first I am sharing it with…but I figured you might be able to offer me helpful feedback/suggestions.

Maybe you are aware of another site that is doing what I am undertaking? Or maybe you have an idea for how I could improve the site? Or maybe you know of an org that offers resources to non-profits?

The site is

It is super early stage, just a handful of donors and offers at this point…but should give an idea of where I’m heading.

Any and all feedback - positive and negative is welcomed and appreciated!


Things are moving forward…still really early stage, but a few more donor/product entries…plan to really start expanding this section in the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in learning about the latest offers being added you can subscribe by RSS to:

Or if you prefer to see donor organizations instead of individual products/services:

I’ve also added a Roadmap to the site outlining a few of the enhancements we are hoping to add in the near future.

Any feedback is, as always, welcomed!