Domain Email address not being delivered

We have an account with for training and certification. we use the site to send emails for trainign and such. So the emails are addressed from our “staff person via”. the problem is that it was always getting caught in our spam filter (office 365 Exchange). i added the to our White List but it still didn’t work properly so i added the email address of that staff person to white list. it works correctly now but I know it’s not a good idea add our own email adddresses from our domain to the white list. Not sure if i said this clear enough.

Honestly there are a number of considerations here.
First you need to look into your SPF record and make sure it includes the addresses from MinistrySafe
Next step would be to start the DKIM and DMARC process.
It’s really going to be a bunch of work but I would certainly start with the SPF record.

I’ve already got DKIM and DMARC set up and have really helped cut down on SPAM, actually for several years now.

So See if MinstrySafe has DKIM records that you can add to your DNS.
This will help keep them from being blocked
Also if you have DMARC set up then you should be reviewing the reports to see what the blocked issues are.

Excellent. thank you. will do

You can check the anti-spam message headers of your emails to find out why they were marked as spam.

Here are some ways to bypass the security checks by O365.

Okay thank you. great resources