Document Management - AP Document Scan and Save

Finance Office is looking for a system to start saving and management of saved documents electronically. Starting with AP forms and receipts. Talking about scanning to PDF and getting a system to save and manage. They have looked at one Lucion File Center, just wondering what other churches are doing and how it is going.

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Mark Rock

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What accounting system do they use? Many can do that for them.

Nick, we are still using Shelby v5 but in the process of looking at new accounting systems too.

Hi Mark!
Until they find a new system, that can be done in SSv5,

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Fujitsu fi series are good. We use the 7160 model.

The key is to scan the documents in archival PDF format.
(PDF/A - Wikipedia)

Scanning to Sharepoint is a low cost option. We did explore using PSIGen.