Do You Know CiviCRM?

Is anyone familiar with CiviCRM? It is a secular open source non-profit management system which has been around for quite a few years and continues to experience significant continuing development. It is used by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), New York State Senate, The United Church of Canada, United Methodist Communications, and 10k+ other organizations.

I used it at another church I worked for as ChMS and it worked well - but that was a fairly small deployment. I’ve wondered about moving to it. I know there are a number of churches that use it and have customized it specifically for church use.

Wondering if anyone is currently on CiviCRM, has used it in the past, or considering for future?


You should seriously look into Podio. That’s what our church uses. 7,500 people, 8 campus. Super cheap for non-profits.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take a look.

I’m a bit of a sucker for open source, thus the interest in CiviCRM.

Also, since it is used by a lot of large non-profits, it provides a significant base upon which to build - kind of like how WordPress provides a platform to build sites on.

@davidshq Hello I am searching for a open source software like civiCrm

Can it be used for the following ?

each month a paper document is submitted to the Head Office of the non-profit; attendance, donations, finance. User wants all this to be submitted as a softcopy.

Currently data on the non profit is stored in the cabinet room but there is no database that allows convenient access to the data, i.e. allow access from all locations with internet connection. User wants all this data to be a conveniently accessed database.

Here are some additional responsibilities of the finance department

Maintain financial records, organize and reconcile weekly collections, expenses, and receipt payments. High level budgeting and comparing the budget with the actual financial condition of the nonprofit

The financial controllers wants the following

Identify who is sending the money pay salaries electronically Search function to find WHO is paying WHAT, and HOW much was paid.

The system must be able to sync all the departments, especially the financial department so that any change; deletion, addition, or minimal adjustment to the data is seen by all and is accessed by all.

At core the software must be a collaborative instrument to help sections of a company operate well, and help companies in dissimilar locations behavior as If they are in the same location working on the same task in the same room with the same tools

Hi Raphael,

The financial aspects of CiviCRM are one of the areas I’ve worked the least with…

I believe it is meant to be used in combination with a full accounting suite (most ChMS systems seem to be built this way, e.g., only some accounting functionality built-in), that said, check out these two pages on CiviCRM’s financial capabilities: