Display Paging System for Children's Ministry

We currently use InterPage Enterprise Server and Client to notify parents when they’re needed.
It’s worked well, but at one of our remote campuses, the computer hosting the paging server was replaced some time ago. I wasn’t a part of the original install, but the InterPage vendor told me the software registered at the remote site was way out of date, and we needed to purchase an upgrade license for $2700.
I was wondering what other more economical alternatives for displaying notifications to parents on side LCD displays?

We use Microframe at all our campuses and they work great. Most systems are under $1000 and don’t require any renewals. I have had better luck with the wireless systems vs.the Wifi. Wifi works OK, but end users had harder time working it.

Wireless- https://www.microframecorp.com/products/visual-paging/wireless-visual-paging

Wifi- https://www.microframecorp.com/products/visual-paging/wifi-visual-paging

Wired- https://www.microframecorp.com/products/visual-paging/wired-visual-paging

Great, thanks so much for responding and providing this information Mike.

Yeah; I think most folks around here use Microframe or have some method of inserting it into the projection system (either via a chroma key or some ProPresenter feature) assuming they haven’t switched to SMS or another direct notification system.

Thanks for your response Alex. We are going to explore if using the Texting features of Ministry Platform will work for this site. The problem with texting is most parents have the phone on silent when they’re worshiping, and may miss the text that they’re needed. I believe the display is best, or possibly a combination of both.

Depending on if you want dedicated pager displays or not, there are several good options. This is one we’re trying out. Simple to use on both ends. WorshipKit - Pager

Thanks for the information Jonathan. I will take a look at worshipkit.