Director, Information Technology - Vineyard Cincinnati

Hey Everyone,

I’m transitioning out of my role as the Director of IT at Vineyard Cincinnati. With that the role is open for another to step in. I’d love for someone with Church IT experience to be placed in the role so feel free to follow up on the application process.

Hi David,
They might be well served by a team like ours (, David Szpunar, BEMA, or Enable.

I will provide that as an option, however, they used a MSP prior to me coming on and it was not a good experience for them. I know your organizations are much better MSPs so it’s an unfortunate comparison. They liked having a person regularly onsite with vision of the ministries and involved in the organization. I will be continuing to work part time remotely with them, they just want someone as a director onsite.

As a note on the topic: I really find the best results come when strategy
and implementation aren’t tied up in the same person.

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