Digital Signage

Hello - It’s been a couple years since any threads on digital signage. Just checking in again to see what people are using and how they like it? I’ve been using Rise Vision and my users find the scheduling and presentation building tools clunky and not very intuitive.

We have been using BrightSign for the last couple of years and we are expanding that setup. We can schedule announcements and live stream so that each will play at its proper time. We are able to play snippets of video for announcements, things to do or just a short video in box with wordings.

Haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but have done the free trial of Yodeck and like what we see.

If you’re on Proclaim for your presentation software, it integrates into your signage (which integrate into your church calendar and website if you also use those pieces of their ecosystem).

Stuff like creating an event will also create slides for the signage feed, your presentation script, and add to your website event list. The integration is really nice.

We have been using BrightSign also. Our AV guys manage it, but they seem to like it and have it running at over 6 campuses. Runs videos and pics great on our lobby TVs.

We worked with Terry Rhodes and he was able to get us little bit better non-profit pricing. Tell him Mike at Grace referred if you would like.

We’re using Apple TVs with Carousel + Jamf. It was significantly cheaper for us to stick an Apple TV on each screen rather than get Brightsigns and RF converters.

There are lot of digital signage companies working today. It is helpful to read your experience with your digital signage. Thanks