Detroit Local Meetup

Some local church’s in Metro Detroit have expressed an interest for quarterly or monthly meetups. When meetups like this were happening in Indianapolis in CITN’s earlier days there, they took place monthly, lasted for about 4 hours starting with breakfast. They generally had a mini round-table format. If you are interested in doing something like this (or even something different) in the Metro Detroit area, please let us know here, as well as if your church might be interested in hosting at some point. With resurrection weekend coming up, we probably wouldn’t do it during April. We could have our first meetup in may however.


Also, if you know anyone at a church in the area feel free to share the post with the share button below or by sending a link.


I’m in!!
Kensington Church could be a host. We have campuses in Troy, Clinton Township, and Lake Orion.


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I am in the Atlanta area … and would appreciate more than once a year to meet up. The last two years, I have had a major conflict with the annual regional date. Quarterly sounds like a good option for all areas.

Hey All - just want to let you know we’re hosting a Microsoft Azure Workshop with iT1 at our Troy campus this Thursday, April 11, from 9a - 3p. Lunch is included! Here’s the link to sign up if you’re interested: Click HERE for more information and to Register
Location Address: 1825 East Square Lake Rd., Troy, MI 48085

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I’m up in Midland, about 2 hours or less from you. I’d love to be in the loop on meetups in the area!

Hey guys - there’s a local SpiceWorks SpiceCorps meeting happening this Thursday, June 20th in Southfield. I’m planning on going in case anyone else in the area is interested. Here’s the link:

Hey guys another Spiceworks SpiceCorps meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 15 in Royal Oak. Eaton is sponsoring - there is usually free food & drinks. 2019-08-15T22:00:00Z2019-08-16T00:30:00Z

Here’s the link to register: SpiceCorps of Metro Detroit meeting on Aug 15, 2019 at 06:00 PM - Spiceworks

Hey all just a reminder that this event is tomorrow if anyone in the area is interested and hasn’t signed up yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder, Joe. I won’t be able to make it to this one. Looking forward to connecting at some point!

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