Dashboard, Metrics, KPIs - What tools do you use?

We are interested in starting to explore tools that could possibly be used to provide a “dashboard” of metrics/KPIs that could be viewed by church leaders and staff. We use CCB for ChMS, so we know some of what is available there, but looking for something that would integrate/co-reside with non-CCB KPIs. We have MS O365 here, but I’m not familiar enough with all the available tools that are part of that “suite”. Any thoughts or recommendations?
Thank you.
Philip Havens

I have used Tableau with several churches. I find the stability and feature set of the product sets it apart from other solutions in the space and it is very easy to ingest data from multiple sources and quickly deliver a meaningful dashboard that leads to more effective and efficient ministry decisions! New pricing models make it more competitive with Microsoft’s PowerBI initial cost of entry. Feature set and time saved move it into the front of the pack for me. I am sure others here will have their favorites, too. Download a free trial and try it for yourself at https://www.tableau.com/trial/tableau-software.

Just be careful with metrics. Like spices (or government) a little goes a long way and too much spoils things.

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Microsoft Power BI is the analytical platform , it may be part of the o365 business.