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Customer Support / Rock Specialist

About Simple Donation
Simple Donation exists to build great software that makes people happy. We’ve been around for over a
decade and for the past five years, the focus and goal is to be the best solution for giving / payments
platform for churches that use Rock RMS. We are a small team committed to helping churches and
ministries advance the Kingdom of God.

You might be a fit if this describes you
● Long to glorify God through your work
● Prefers to work alone rather than in a group
● Tends to delight in completing projects and tasks more than working with people
● Thrive in a structured environment and keeps organized
● Detail oriented with consistency and take pride in the accuracy and thoroughness of your work
● Able to focus on a single task through to completion
● A doer more than a talker; a private person who communicates quickly and concisely
● Enjoy solving complex technical problems and thinks building a custom SQL report to help
someone else would be fun
● Are comfortable and competent at listening to understand the needs of customers. Has a high
EQ/ability to read the room and interact well with others
● Resonate with and embody our values, which are:
○ Faithfulness to Jesus Christ
○ Integrity, do the moral thing even when costly
○ Humility, submission of ambition
○ Long Term focus
○ Uncommon Service

About the Role
This role is responsible for providing uncommon service to churches that use Rock RMS. The person
filling this role will become an expert in Rock RMS and help churches with custom finance reports,
workflows, configuration and anything relating to payments and contributions in Rock and
stewardship/giving development in the churches we serve. As experience grows, ideally this position will
move into a hybrid role of part customer service and part sales. Plus you get to work remotely!

Ideal Candidate
● Experience working in or with churches
● A passion for serving others and helping them to be strategic and successful
● Experience with RockRMS or other church management software
● Ability to communicate with non-technical users with a customer service mindset
● Discipline to work independently as well as in a group setting

Next Steps
Anyone interested, should complete this personality assessment:
It should take about 15 minutes. Only candidates who complete it will be considered. If we determine
that you might be a fit, we will follow-up with more details and next steps.

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Job has been filled.