Current ChMS poll

(Brian Roskamp) #65

Single campus
Extremely happy

This is our first ChMS and we’ve been on it for about two years now. It’s been a great improvement to our internal processes. As a small church, we were looking for a single solution that was easy to set up, easy to use, full featured, and relatively inexpensive. Elvanto fit this perfectly. Since then, they’ve adding a lot of functionality and made lots of improvements, so I’m even happier now. Their customer service is excellent as well.

(Greg Brenneman) #66

We are now live with CCB, and most aspects have gone well; staff have really embraced CCB and are excited about the improvement it brings over Logos II, our previous ChMS.

I offer the following advice for those migrating to a new ChMS:

  1. Do not underestimate the time involved for the one managing the migration (myself in our case) Much of the time is planning, guiding and teaching others, meeting with the company implementation coach, etc.

  2. Be sure to utilize the coaching service available from the company. CCB has this as an option, and I would not recommend implementation without it. We would have made many mistakes and fallen short of the full system potential without guidance from our coach.

  3. Have a small group for the implementation team, and ensure they are familiar with the previous system and processes used throughout the church. While support of leadership is important, and the goals they have for the system, they will not be very involved in the process, nor will they be heavy users of the system beyond directory and a few reports. Staff will be more familiar with what is happening and the type of information pastors like to have.

  4. Do not be afraid to migrate to something better than you have, just be prepared for a significant time and effort commitment.