Current ChMS poll

(Jason Powell) #23

@DavidCoons be sure to let those churches know about CITN :slight_smile:

(Jason Tucker) #24

Single Site
We’re happy with it

(Samuel Crisp) #25

Single Site
Just moved in January 2016. Working great for our needs; customized what reports/views we wanted. Adding events,onlingiving, portal and much more as time goes on this year.

(David Coons) #26

A lot of them are already here but I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

(Joe Montore) #27

Podio as of Feb 2016
8 Campuses
It’s technically an Intranet, Project Management and CRM Tool that has been working great for our church with some minor bumps and bruises. It’s built in automation system is VERY lean but they have since buddied up with a 3rd party automation tool called GlobiFlow. GF is great but we are using the maximum plan (as the automation tool has a subscription based plan with a certain ## of flows/actions per month and hour etc). This automation limiter has been the number one headache along with the fact that it’s not really built as a Church Management System.

It has been FANTASTIC for all things from HR, Finance, Facilities and IT. Intranet and Project management are it’s strong suits. I personally have some gripes with it as a Church Member manager etc. I really want to look into if I can do everything we currently are with Podio in The Rock… if so I don’t know why we are using Podio lol.

(Enrico Catanzaro) #28

Ministry Platform
1 Campus
Really like MP. Constantly updating and enhancing the product, responsive support and great active community! There are also some great Dev companies for those of us who don’t have developers on staff.

(Tonya Russell) #29

Does the Rock software include room scheduling?

(Jim Michael) #30

It’s currently not in there but a resource scheduling plugin is under devlelopment and will be available in the Rock store when it’s ready.

(Tim Simms) #31

4000, 2 campuses
Meh. Support has been really good, but complications have led to our staff not being completely bought in. We’ll be switching to either MP, Realm, or Rock, hopefully next summer.

(Kyle DeHoff) #32

Rock RMS
7 locations
(same as @ssimpson)

We’re still in a multi-year road map of adopting Rock, but it seems to be going well from the distance of the Tech Support side of things. It’s ongoing development has been good, and it’s taking over for several separate systems.

(Scott Reichling) #33

MinistryPlatform on October 27, 2016
1 Campus

Moving from Shelby v5. Our staff is trained and we love what we see. Great transition support and community. I can give better feedback after we transition.

(Jeff Eck) #34

We JUST transitioned from CCB to Seraphim, a move which some are already regretting but it is WAY TOO EARLY to tell.
1000/service with 2 services on Sunday.
Single site
As stated above way too early to tell but I personally prefer the CCB version to the new Seraphim pains. That being said, once we have a grasp of everything that opinion may change and it may well be the best move we have made in a while.

(Tim Cook) #35

Shelby v.5
AWA 1,000
3 campuses

Always been frustrated and disappointed. Leadership is looking into Arena. I’m trying to get them to also do a demo of Rock & MP.
I don’t think info about Shelby v.5 is necessarily applicable to anyone, since no one would ever consider switching to it, but I will say that my experience with their support has not been good. In their defense, v.5 is a dinosaur, so they probably don’t invest in training their support staff on old products, but it makes me wonder what happens with the next version if we switch to it and then get 5 years down the road?

Needless to say, I’m hoping our next move will be to Rock or MP.

(Mackenzie) #36

Lotus Sheets + some bookkeeping software I guess
single site

The guy who keeps the directory up to date likes to use Lotus, so he can use Lotus. If someone later wants to use Excel, that’s fine.

I have no idea what the treasurer uses. He might be using Excel or Quicken or GNUCash or QuickBooks. I’ve never asked his preference.

What tech is used for any given thing is just “whatever the volunteer who’s doing it likes.”

(Shawn Ross) #37

ACS People Suite (Local, using RDS RemoteApp to the clients), ChurchTeams (Small Groups only)
3 Sites

NOT Happy or content with ACS. Starting the process of evaluating other options (MP, Rock, etc.), which will replace both ACS and ChurchTeams

(Chris Adams) #38

3 sites

Mixed feelings - Arena added functionality we didn’t have previously (because we didn’t have a ChMS), but being a fresh new install of a product from such a large company that has had such a long time to develop, it feels old, sluggish, and under-supported. Each thing we roll out in Arena has “gochas” that require workarounds.

I don’t think it would take much to turn the boat around for developer churches, but it would require a level of engagement with customers that Shelby Systems and Ministry Brands hasn’t appeared to value much in the past (Alex N. is an exception to this).

Still moving forward with Arena hoping to make it into the system we were told it was when we purchased it, but I personally love what I’ve seen of Ministry Platform. Their lawn is looking pretty green from here.

Church Database Recommendation Needed
(Campbell Smythe) #39

1 campus
It’s great. Aussie built.

(Mark Reinholz) #40

Ministry Platform since May 2015
one campus
Love MP! Great network of area MP churches. Updates and upgrades continually improve it. Integration with

(Matt Pugh) #41

Fellowship One
5 Campuses
Love it!

I’d be more than happy to elaborate if you want more information but I have tons to say, so hit me up individually and I can give you a call.

(Jason Sparks) #42

ACS People Suite & The City
4 campuses

We’re not satisfied with ACS, but heavily reliant on The City. In the early stages of evaluating Rock, Ministry Platform and Realm.