Current ChMS poll

(jenn booth) #1

What system do you use?
What is your AWA?
Single site or multi-campus?
Are you happy with your current system?
Elaborate if you want.

(Jason Powell) #2

Switched to Ministry Platform 11/2015
2 campuses
Ability to customize it a ton yourself or a 3rd party dev for your unique ministry needs, active user group, agile company interested in their customer feedback for product enhancements.

(Kelley Langkamp) #3

Rock - Since May 2015
3 campuses
Love Rock!
Active, helpful community, tons of freedom to customize or buy plugins as needed

(Jonathan Puddle) #4

CCB since 2012. Bored to death of it. Glacial development and minimal interest in helping Canadian churches.

1200 AWA across 5 campuses.

(Jesse McColm) #5

Arena - Since End of 2012
2 Campuses
Not happy with it. Switching next year hopefully.
Poor customer service, slow updates, technology getting old, poor implementation of SNG.

(Matt Baldwin) #6

Fellowship One
Multicampus - 3 current/#4 in Feb’17
Happy --ish…

(Chuck Chamberlin) #7

Single campus (worship) but multiple locations (other ministries)
Yes I love product.
I enjoy using system to meet our needs and other local churches using FellowshipOne. The product has room for thinking outside of the box.

(Jim Michael) #8

3 campuses with 4th on the way.
Really like the flexibility of Rock, and the community surrounding it.

(billsheeler) #9

2 campuses

(Stephanie Johnson) #10

Ministry Platform (since 8/2013)
2 sites
intuitive, customizable, listen to customers, great community!

(Daniel Berman) #11

Fellowship One (Since 08/2013)
3 Campuses
Functional but not user friendly

(Rush Callahan) #14

5 campuses
I am fine with CCB. What matters to us is senior staff happy and less so are AAs happy with it.

(Kathy Bewley) #15

1 campus
Very happy but always looking at options
Checking out ACS Rehlm
elexio has great customer service

(Stephen Simpson) #16

7ish campuses
I think so far we have been happy with it. The biggest win has been the fact that its open source!

(Dave Mast) #17

5 Campuses
Very yes

Great community support. (Having 2 devs on staff doesn’t hurt either.) We went with iPads as our check-in devices of choice. They’re great for the fact that they pretty much all behave the same way (as you’d expect). They’re not-so-great in the sense that you (or someone who’s iOS-smart) need to be physically present to troubleshoot them.

(Tim Hollinger) #18

Single site.
Not unhappy…it does what we need it to.

(Jeff Fessler) #19

Ministry Platform
Multi-site (7 locations)

(Brad Crawley) #20

5 Campuses
Not really…

ACS is a good platform and now that we joined the Mega program we have excellent support. Before joining the Mega program support lacked due to extended wait times. Although we use ACS On Demand which is “technically” cloud based, it isn’t a web-based platform. The on-demand client over wifi disconnects a lot so we have had to hardwire all of our check-in kiosks to keep them from disconnecting like they did over wifi during higher utilized times on Sundays and Wednesdays. We also don’t like the fact that they don’t have email based attendance for groups like many more current systems. You can use Access ACS to do web-based check-in but the Access ACS website is not responsive. I inquired with ACS if they had plans to do so then found out they are not pouring additional resources into ACS as they are going to be phasing out ACS in less than 5 years and force all clients to go to Realm. Since at the time I found this out we were converting back to ACS after being on a different system for membership for less than a year (long story that I won’t go into here), I asked why they didn’t recommend we go to Realm now then going back to ACS. I was told Realm wasn’t ready for churches our size. I have not seen Realm so I can’t speak to it.

Our finance department thinks we need to have an all inclusive product that includes membership and financials. I keep telling them most larger churches have separate systems. I’m still working on them as most of our staff does not like ACS but like in many churches the finance department holds a lot of power and has a huge influence over decision making when it comes to ChMS products. I’m hoping ACS hits a home run with Realm and it has the feature sets we are looking for in a ChMS assuming we decide to convert to Realm when they phase out ACS.

(Eddie Holeman) #21

Arena, but moving to Rock in 2017
Single campus
We are looking forward to our move to Rock.

(David Coons) #22

I’m actually pulling together some research on the TOP 100 largest churches from outreach magazine and I was going to post my findings here. I have about 20 that I’ve not identified yet so I may be reaching out to some of the TOP 100 that haven’t posted to this yet.

I’ll be in touch soon.