COVID Policy and contact tracing apps

Wanted to see if people are willing to share their COVID policy for the congregation, and even return to work standpoint.

Also are any of you using contact tracing apps / solutions?


Hey Patrick! Not sure if this is helpful but our communication is here. We also include a concise version of the safety protocol points as a “click wrap” for event/worship service registration and send a copy in the confirmation email. Plus it is on signage at our locations.

Thank you Steve! Are you using any type of contact tracing solution?

Not to my knowledge Patrick. I believe our HR/admin peeps are contact tracing manually when there is a possible exposure. Fortunately, we haven’t had any sort of outbreak related to our community events - it has more been a matter of tracing staff exposures.

Patrick, our guide is here
We don’t use contact tracing apps, but we do require an RSVP to each service so we can keep track of anyone who attended. We try to keep take names of anyone who shows up without an RSVP as well. (We are a smaller church of only a few hundred people so that is easy for us to do.)
Hope that helps!

Thank you for sharing this info.

Our full policy is here. We have a crowd that’s rather hesitant to government-run tracing, so we’re requiring all in-person events to take attendance in our ChMS, including the (limited) number of folks we have coming to in-person services. That way, we figure we have the information just in case we ever need it.

The thing that’s been interesting about it, though, is that this is giving us way more data than we’ve ever had before, and that’s giving us the ability to focus care efforts more deliberately than before. It’s a tough sell to get leadership on board with taking names, emails and zips at the door, but the insights that come from it are amazing.