Covenant Eyes VPN issue with Internal Mail

(Jonathan LaMaster) #1

I’ve got a handful of staff members who have Covenant Eyes setup on their iPhone. With this enabled and on our Internal/Staff wifi network they are unable to check their mail.

If they disconnect from wireless and try via cellular data it all works well.

I’m thinking this is a DNS issue with the VPN not giving the external address of our webmail server and instead trying to connect via the internal.

Any thoughts?

(Greg Brenneman) #2

Could be the firewall. Firewalls are often set to block proxy servers, which Covenant Eyes acts as. We had to put in a firewall rule to whitelist Covenant Eyes proxy. The company can give you the server addresses to allow.

  • Greg

(Eric Busby) #3

CE has some great new functionality allowed them by forcing the VPN connection. That is great for the average user, but there are instances where it doesn’t work. When it doesn’t work, they have a way of disabling the VPN. You still get reporting through the CE Browser, but not the other tracking of all traffic for all apps.