Counselling and Assignment Tracking

Hey everyone,

First post here. I was curious what anyone is using for tracking “group assignment” or counselling.
As an example:
Say a pastor is meeting with a number of couples for counselling sessions individually and each couple is in a different stage of the process. The pastor is going through a book with the couples and has asked them to read the next chapter. For one couple this would be chapter 5 and for another in a different session this would be chapter 9. The pastor wants a “growth and flow” sort of visual where they can track where each couple is in their process. This would also be used for reminding the pastor to send out a text or e-mail to the couple saying something like “hey reminder, you need to have read chapter 5 before our next counselling session in two days.” That sort of thing.
Is this simply using the “group” function in most chMS, or is there another way to do this? I guess Asana would be somewhat close to what I am thinking, where it’s task management with reminders. But a better, more dynamic software and functionality is more what I am aiming for. Thoughts?

Thank you kindly!
Luke Shumate

We’re planning to do this with our ChMS. We’re on TouchPoint, which has a task and contact logging feature. More importantly, it has a pretty serious scripting interface which allows us to automate workflows like this.

I don’t know that this is a thing worth switching ChMSs over, but if you’re in the market, it’s certainly something to think about.

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