convert from OpenLP to ProPresenter

Hello all! First post here - I’m Dustin and I run the media (and most other tech) at New Life Church in Ball, La.

We are considering the switch from OpenLP to ProPresenter and have run into a snag. We have an extensive library of songs we have added custom lyrics and other edits in OpenLP and want to import them in rather than spending hours re-doing things and having to edit each song - especially since our worship leader doesn’t always stay on script and will regularly sing a song that is not on the schedule so we need to have the song in the system already not be trying to import it from the web while she sings the first verse.

Has anyone done this before? I’m not against having to do so in stages (import/export from one software to another until I get a format that can go into ProPresenter) but not sure where to go. i have imported the OpenLP database into VideoPsalm and Proclaim if that helps.