Contact Slack to ask for Policy Change

The Slack for Nonprofits program offers eligible organizations a free upgrade to the Standard plan for teams of up to 250 members. For eligible teams above that size, slack offers an 85% discount on the Standard plan.

BUT this program specifically excludes churches ;(

Take a second to write a note to slack to ask them to consider allowing churches to use the nonprofit program.


Make a request like:

We would like to request that slack consider allowing churches to be approved for the Slack for Nonprofits.
There are many business cases where our staff and volunteers can benefit from the standard product offering but it is cost prohibitive for churches.
Our organization not only works to improve the quality of life of those attending our church but also the communities which our church is located
Attached is a business case explanation that has been used to help software vendors see the value in offering their products and services to churches.
Thank you for your consideration

Download and attach this Business Case document to the message


done - thanks Jason!

Their reply came quickly:

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for reaching out to us today! We started small with this program, and this is simply one of our eligibility criteria at this time.

Being an organization associated with a particular religious movement is not disqualifying, but we ask that all program participants be able to attest to our nondiscriminatory statement. In the past, we've welcomed organizations that are loosely associated with churches or religious organizations that exist primarily to provide charitable services to the community.

We are happy to review your application if you're interested and think you might qualify. You can submit one from: Our third party validation team TechSoup will review your details and get back to you promptly with a verdict.

Thanks again for writing to us. Please let us know if you have any other questions

I wonder if the non-discriminatory clause permits where allowable by law… that seems to be the normal sticking point.

– Jason

I’m willing to try that. . . .

I’ve found techsoup to be very loose about giving a church a green light, when likely they should not.
I believe legally it still comes down to the Discourse TOS and whether or not that includes “as allowed by law” regardless if Techsoup says it’s ok.

Near identical response when I sent in as well. No real, we will consider this… I simply can’t justify the cost without it so I suppose we will stay on the free version =(

Is there a reason to not consider switching to Ryver? I mean, aside from the inconvenience of it. Ryver doesn’t have any of the limits that Slack has. And they have an import tool too.

I’ve considered that… but i don’t want to jump around in platforms to frustrate our users and volunteers.
But its worth a look.

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