Considering hosted Barracuda for spam filtering

We use Mimecast now which is great, but seems to be a bit of overkill for what we’re doing, which also makes it more difficult to manage than it needs to be.

I’ve heard a few people mention MBS, Inc. and their hosted Barracuda service and was just curious what your experience with that has been.

We LOVED pre-Google Postini but it got progressively worse over time and then Google switched us to Google Apps ahead of schedule and gave admin rights to an ex-employee who had tried signing us up for Google Apps outside of IT, so we were forced to switch.

Mimecast has been great but a little cumbersome for the margin I have with regards to spam filtering.

Thoughts? Experiences?

We’re hosted Exchange for now, but will be moving mailboxes to O365 this year if at all possible.

Hi Chris, We are an MBS customer. They host our Exchange 2013 server and Barracuda filtering. No complaints here and they work very hard to offer excellent pricing. I would recommend them.

We have hosted barracuda with on prem exchange and we havenbt had any issues. Real easy to configure and manage. The filtering is pretty good. My only complaint is that you cant assign shared mailboxes or public folders to a person. An email is sent though, so you can still manage it.

We used to be on prem Exchange and have on prem Barracuda but when we migrated to Office 365 we decided to migrate to MBS Barracuda. Office 365 filtering is okay but not as robust as Barracuda. It was also much cheaper through MBS than even what we were paying for our on prem Spam Firewall 300 for incoming/outgoing filtering. With Office 365 we only need incoming filtering so it is a lot cheaper than what we were paying. Can’t go wrong! We are hosting 3 email domains as well at no additional charge.

My experience with MBS was great. They offered filtering of incoming or incoming and outgoing. For many incoming is sufficient, but I tend to recommending filtering both directions since if you get something odd happening on your network you can become a “spammer” which will black list your domain for a while and that can be a real pain.