Considering a DIY Fiber Deployment

We have a few areas that need fiber, and we’ve always run pre-terminated fiber, but I’m considering this go-around to get a few spools of unterminated fiber, a fusion splicer, and some pigtails or splice cassettes/panels.

After discussing with some of you, I’m looking at this DVP-740 Fusion Splicer:

But I’m having a hard time finding which specific fiber to get. I’ll be running fiber inside and outside, with the indoor portions needing to be plenum rated, and the outside portions being in conduit.

Because it will be in conduit, I’m not sure I need armored cable, in fact I have a few areas that a 3rd party installer ran cable and they just used standard OFNP jacketed fiber bundles both in building and in our underground conduit.

This makes me wonder if I could just get a spool of 24 strand for between buildings, and possibly a spool of 12 strand for distribution inside buildings. I’m thinking the Indoor/Outdoor stuff from LANshack looks decent:

It winds up being around $1/foot as I go longer, and since we’ll have a Fusion Splicer it makes sense to have quite a bit on-hand.

From there, I’m seriously considering multi-fiber pigtails so I can still use the color-coded bundles in patch panels, or Corning Splice Casettes (depending on how much of my budget gets approved) with LC UPC ends. FS has some 24 fiber bundled pigtails for $26, and combined with a $20 panel and $140 slide-out enclosure and $15 splice trays, I can get each end terminated for around $200 including the slide-out rack-mount enclosure. I’ve used FHD enclosures at another campus with great success, but I’ve never used their splice trays.

I guess my biggest question is if the indoor/outdoor singlemode fiber I linked to above looks good for running in outdoor conduit between buildings (all of our in-ceiling runs have wire basket from a previous project our facilities team did, which makes running in building a piece of cake).

I’m also curious what Singlemode and Multimode transceivers you guys like. I’m primarily HPE with a 5406zl at our core. I don’t have a ton of 10GbE available on our core, so I’ll likely stick with 1GbE uplinks until we upgrade in a year or two.

we’ve done alot of our own fiber install…
@benfifield might have some thoughts to share with our experience.