Connecting Point (Next Steps) Interactive Display Solution

We currently are using iPads that are running a custom-built website that connects to CCB. We are able to sign people up for small groups and other events that the church is putting on through this site.

We have two touchscreen monitors that are mounted to the wall that are barely getting used that currently display our website on one and a map of our small groups on another. I am looking into the possibility of changing it to where when someone wants to get connected somewhere, one of our servant leaders walks them through that process on the TV instead of standing behind an iPad. We COULD use the web app, but it’s not the best looking for a “public-facing” application.

Are any of y’all doing something like this? Basically looking for a “next steps” kind of application.

We’re doing roughly the same thing. Custom web app and CCB integration. We’re actually doing it that way because the app is a great experience for people and we have the ability to customize. We should connect about it.