Computers For Sale

I have 25 small form factor Optiplex 3020M, 4 year old, machines from our computer lab available for sale. anybody interested?

Ms. Graham,

What price are you selling them for? I may be interested in a couple. Can you give the specs?

Same question as Bill, what are the specs and how much are you wanting, we might be interesed in all of them. And could you send a picture of what they look like?

4 GB Intel I3-4160T, 3.1, 35W, LGA
We also have monitors, keyboards & mice

Message me and make an offer

We also have a bunch of Optiplex 3020 machines that are only 3 years old with these specs for sale:
4 GB Intel Core i5-4590 3.30GHz

A bale and 1/2 of hay :slight_smile:

What? that’s your offer? At least 25 bales. :laughing: