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This is a question for those who use CCB. Have you created Help Desk forms and use that for your Help Desk solution?

When I was still living in Atlanta, I created a form for those request and then pushed it through a process queue to the appropriate people based on what the request was about. I also copied it to someone (me) for accountability. I’m not sure what they’re using now that I’ve left but I’d be happy to look at what you have and offer some suggestions.

Let me know. Have a great week.


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We have not. There are several robust free/open source solutions out there - e.g. Spiceworks.

I’d lean against using CCB as a helpdesk, but if you really want to, as David noted above, it is certainly possible.

Yes, I have an IT Support Ticket form created in CCB. Works fine for me as single IT staff, but could go into process queue if you have more than one staff. It is possible to download responses to a spreadsheet, which is necessary since I work on a billable basis.

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