Cold Calls from MicroExcel

A number of folks have received a call from Raj at MicroExcel claiming he talked to you at the Dallas conference and got your name from a list.
1 - We NEVER give out our attendee list.
2 - There is no record of a Raj attending the Dallas event nor was MicroExcel a partner.
3 - We’ve determined that he is getting his information from the attendee list on … pretty clever.
4 - I’ve now hidden the attendee list on
5 - We NEVER give out our attendee list :slight_smile:


I have been getting calls ever since the conf. Usually the same guy wanting to confirm my email and send me a “whitepaper”. I called him out (that he called just the other day) and he said he has never called before. I should have told him sure: (I know, just to mess with the guy).

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Perhaps now we all start calling Raj, “Remember me from Dallas? You were telling me about that 90% discount you could get me? … What do you mean you weren’t in Dallas?”


Fancy that. On Friday, I had just finished talking to our receptionist sharing with her the reality and danger of social engineering when the phone rang. You’ll never guess who was on the other line - our good friend, Raj from MicroExcel! Weird timing.

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