Cloud Based Patch Management

Is anyone using a cloud based patch management solution? We currently use Mosyle for our Mac, iOS, and Apple TV devices, however, we have a handful of staff using PC’s and all of our check-in stations are PC’s or Surfaces. I have the capacity to use an on-premise solution, but since Mosyle is cloud based I’d like a similar solution for the PC’s. I saw Managed Engine has a cloud based patch management solution that looks promising but I wanted to know what others were doing. I’m sort-of wanting an asset management/patch management solution for Windows.

Good morning Brad,
I trialed SolarWinds Patch Manager, ManageEngine, and Lithik and by far Lithik was the best trial experience I had.
We had to table purchasing a Windows & third-party patch solution due to an unplanned capital purchase for some switches, but the guys at Lithik were great to work with and the product was easy to configure and manage.
I was able to download and figure out how to configure ManageEngine, but on several attempts to setup a demo with an actual ManageEngine tech rep, I never received a response back.
I would be hesitant to go with ManageEngine, based on that level of responsiveness.

I’ve had good results with Panorama9. And they have a generous non-profit discount.

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NinjaRMM, Chocolatey, and Salt handle most everything I need updated. Comodo One uses a fork of vFense, it does patch management reasonably well.