Cisco Layer 3 w/ Ubiquiti Access Point

Hey all,

I’ve got a Cisco cbs350 that is programmed with 2 vlans and routing between the two vlans happens on the Cisco switch. Routing between vlans works flawlessly when I plug in to the switch with a laptop.

When I add the wireless access point and connect to it, I’m able to get to everything that the is on that VLAN that the SSID is assigned to. The problem is, I can’t get to the other VLAN. I can’t ping the gateway of the second vlan. The weird thing is if I SSH into the access point I’m able to ping the gateway of the second VLAN. Is there some setting I’m missing either in UniFi for the access point or on the Cisco switch?

Other info… there is no internet on this switch… just the two networks. Everything also seems to work fine on a PC connected to the WiFi. Windows is able to get to the other VLAN. Apple stuff, iPad, iPhone and laptop cannot get there to the other VLAN.

The AP is a UAP FlexHD.

Can you share the configuration of the AP? Specifically the wireless
network’s configuration. There should be no difference between being
hard wired or wireless into a VLAN, but it’s possible you have
additional configuration in place that’s preventing it from working.

Here is a link to the config for the access point:

So I think I fixed it.

I didn’t have a DNS server assigned to the Apple clients. I put the gateway address in as the DNS server for the Apple clients. There isn’t really a DNS server at that address, but some how that fixed the Apple clients. I added it into the config that the DHCP server hands out so all client would get that DNS server.

Can anybody explain why the Apple clients need an address for a DNS server? I mean other than the gateway, there is not a DNS server programmed on the Cisco switch. The PC did fine routing across VLANs without anything configured in their DNS but the Apple devices would not.