Church music video creation.

Hello! I am new to the Church IT Network forum but I am under the impression it is for any church IT/AV-related issue. The issue/question that I want to start off with is listed below.

We have a small congregation (20 or below), I am the sole IT/AV person. I was wondering if there is a way to make music videos, similar to how Youtube does a video w/the song and lyrics. Obviously downloading from youtube is illegal as well as streaming from youtube is illegal no matter what license you have (trust me I’ve been around and around in circles w/this, its because YouTube is a 3rd party and that is where it isn’t covered under a CCLI streaming license etc. even if you have permission from Hillsong or Elevation themselves to use the videos). We do have the typical CCLI license and our power points do have the CCLI code at the bottom.

I was wondering how to make a music lyric video, I know of a few programs like Davnincii and OpenShot Video Editor but are there any ways to do it where the process can be sped up?

I tried to do a lyric video using openshot just to see how long it would take and it took a few hours. From everything I’ve gathered, it is time-consuming and ‘normal’ for making a lyric video to take a few hours, even the simplest ones.

One great resource I have found that will allow us a lyric music video legally and cheap is a site called It honestly is really decent but it seems to be all in the same key and they do not have a lot of the popular songs so we do use them but I am trying to incorporate more current music without painstakingly making music videos for hours on end. I know we can do power points but we are trying to get away from power points. I also don’t know how making the power point into a video would go, it would probably still be equally time-consuming making sure the lyrics display at the correct time w/the song. For background information purposes, we have no worship team, we just have a few singers that sing along to the songs we play on the computer. We have no church management software we actually use, per say, we just have different open source software. We use a program called church music organiser ( (purposely spelled that way), to digitally keep track of the songs we use on Sunday morning services. It used to be just keeping everything written on a sheet of paper and this past yr I’ve added in every piece of paper we had written on for songs into that program (years of sheets of papers and the songs and dates we played them on). We have physical binders with paper lyric sheets in them that the singers use to read along with the song. We have power points as well but not all power points have paper lyrics and not all paper lyrics do we have power points for. We have mp3 and mp4 versions of the songs and we have some music videos. That being said this past yr I created an excel sheet of exactly what paper lyrics sheets we had in binders by song and how many copies of each, what power points, what music videos, etc. If someone were to look at the excel sheet it cross-references if a song has a power point, paper lyrics, music video, or none of those options or only 1 of those options etc. It also lists the CD the song is on and the artist etc. This is how we have our music database for our church is through a very detailed excel sheet which is needed because there’s so many times we will look at a song and not know who its by, what genre it is, or if its something we’d even play for worship, so that is 1 of many reasons why I created the excel sheet.

The issue is I want to incorporate more current songs but I don’t know how to make a lyric video without it hours of work and readjusting and editing it.

Feel free to ask any questions, sorry if i left out any information.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?