Church Merger and Domain Change Help

(Danny) #21

Wow…this is great guys…this is so helpful. Appreciate it.

(Mark Simmons) #22


Your biggest challenges aren’t on the system side and you are getting plenty of help there. The biggest challenges you are likely to face is with the users. For some staff this is going to be a massive change for them. User training, support, and perhaps a phased deployment is where I’d focus a lot of attention.

That’s what we found in taking our staff the opposite direction a few years ago.

(Danny) #23

Good reminder Mark…thx

(Ron) #24

Maybe I overlooked it, but I didn’t see mention of the specific G Suite edition in consideration. If the church you’re merging with was an early adopter of Google Apps, they may be grandfathered on the G Suite for Education edition as opposed to G Suite for Nonprofits. Anyone signed on with a Google account in the G Suite organization in question can visit to determine the edition. You can compare some significant differences here:
For what it’s worth.