Church IT Podcast reboot?

So I put the live Church IT Podcast on hiatus for the past year or so, but it would fun to crank it back up IF there’s enough interest in doing so. See
I know @BearsFan has said he’d help be a co-host so that’s a start.
Could prob use another few folks as backup co-hosts as well.

We also need topic ideas/themes for each podcast … and potential knowledge experts that might be willing to join/lead discussions. So let the brainstorming begin!

If we revive the podcast what would you like to see happen with this new iteration?


I always enjoyed it and will help how I can.

Well - if you do decide to start up, I’d be thrilled throw my hat in the ring to both act as a co-host and set aside a few hours a month to propose interesting topics we could discuss and/or put together research on topics up for discussion.

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I will help, as needed.

@jpowell If you ever want to hear from someone with less than a years experience in Church IT and fresh out of college I’d be happy to volunteer. OR if you want to hear from someone who is using a non ChMS as a ChMS I’m your guy (Podio baby).

Also I’d just love to be a part of the podcast realm of the world so however I can help would be cool

The podcast got some recent love from Capterra:

Hey Jason,

I wanted to reach out and tell you that we updated our blog, “The Top 10 Church Technology Podcasts” and Church IT made the list! Feel free to share it with your audience, and on your social channels!

Congratulations and keep up the great work.

Here’s the whole blog:

Matt Katz
Marketing Associate

My first career was in radio – both programming and on-the-air for 11+ years. I’d be happy to pitch in. My personal life has been in shambles for several months but I’d say by the summer (June, July) I’ll be in a place where I can tackle this in whatever way help is needed.

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