Church Coffee Shop

(Rush Callahan) #1

Pinelake has a coffee shop. We currently use ShopKeep. It is an ipad solution. We have experienced so many problems I would like to change our software.

At this point we do not use the inventory part of ShopKeep. With our current problems I have reached the point where I would rather install an old school register & credit card reader, but this will never fly.

  1. do you have a coffee shop or gift shop
  2. what software do you utilize
  3. what is good & what is wrong with it
  4. what type of platform (register, ipad, phone, computer…)
  5. is it wireless or hard wired?

Thank you much. You guys are a wealth of information.

(Jeremy Hoff) #2
  1. Yes. we call it Pillars Cafe
  2. Vend
  3. Problematic w/ Paypal as merchant service – specifically, the Paypal swipe/chip readers. Support is no bueno; too bad, has some nice features overall.
  4. iPad-based
  5. Yes. Devices require power and network, peripherals use Bluetooth, but iPads can work wirelessly.

(Will Polley) #3

I’d recommend checking out Square.

We use them for pop-up style shops to sell merch with a variety of devices.

(Kevin Hylton) #4

We also have Square and it works quite well. The front end interface is easy to use and intuitive. The back end is robust and easy to modify. We enjoy the reporting functions that are included and if used properly, the system can do inventory control for you as well as give you an on-line portal to sell your goods.

With every silver lining, there is always a cloud. Here are the ones that hang over Square. They take a cut of all of your profits. It’s a bit more expensive than other payment gateways that we have used, but I guess some of that money goes it to keeping the software and features as good as they are. We also have invested quite a bit of money buying the square stands and the chip reader devices. These are also great, but expensive. As our iPads age, we are faced with the problem of having to buy new iPads in the future and also new square stands since the footprint of the iPads seem to change with every release. The iPads of tomorrow will not fit the stands that we have today.

You do not need the Square stands and can get away with buying a cheap iPad stand on the webs for around $20 so the hardware investment can be paired down substantially.

We also use our square account outside of the cafe. We load the App on a mobile iPad and have used it for day of camp payments, concession register at the harvest party, and sometimes will sell merch on it for guest worship artists that don’t have their own POS solution.

Hope this information helps with your decision.

(Shane Stanton) #5

We’re also using Square register. We have in our cafe’s, bookstore and thrift store. The only issue I’ve run into is them occasionally disconnecting from the printers, and a reboot of the iPad seems to resolve it. Otherwise they seem to like them and haven’t complained, at least not to me.

(Andy Baker) #6

We also use Square as well in our cafe and bookstore. I haven’t received 1 support call since we moved to Square.

(Brandon Haas) #7
  1. Yes, we have a “coffee” shop its really more of a cafe we have a main spot and two kiosk called cafe 19
  2. Toasttab -
  3. Good -Its all Cloud managed. works offline. the Bad printers are not wireless
    4.Register - Android Tablet.
  4. Register piece can be wireless but printers are wired.