ChMS Position Naming

Hi folks, we were just wondering how other churches refer to their ChMS team? We find that they do so much more than running the ChMS system - training, supporting staff on a range of software, metrics and reporting etc. Interested in job titles and/or descriptions.

I named ours DataOps™ :wink:

Helps that I named IT: TechOps … so DataOps flowed well.

Jason Powell
Director of TechOps/DataOps :slight_smile:

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We have a ChMS Developer (for custom coding) and a ChMS Coordinator (for data integrity/setting up events/configuration/etc)

But jpowell’s is way cooler!

We named ourselves TechOps as well.

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We just have one, the Master Administrator. Others may be admin for their dept in the database, but that is part of their regular duties, so no separate name.

We did have the Implementation Team during roll-out, but that ends soon.

  • Greg
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We call that position Member Management Coordinator.

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