Checkr vs. Protect My Ministry

We currently utilize Protect My Ministry to run background checks on our volunteers. I’ve gotten news that CCB is now fully integrated with Checkr, which I have heard of Checkr a lot in church circles, but haven’t read too much into them.

Anyone using Checkr, and if so, can share some feedback?

One of the reasons we moved to Checkr is because SSNs don’t touch the ChMS. We are happy with the integration with Rock and what they provide.

We are not using Checkr. But we’d only use a background check service with these features.

  • Fingerprinting and photo ID verification of the person undergoing a background check.
  • Persistent checking as opposed to a snapshot in time. In other words, if something appears in the DOJ or FBI database anytime after we’ve fingerprinted them, we get notified.