Checklist for new computer setups

Does anyone have a resource to share?

We don’t have enough machines to be worth the effort of managing images and such. However, we do have enough that I’m a big proponent of automation through tools like Group Policy.

It’s not very formal, but the list I use is:

  • Install Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Apply asset tags
  • Domain-Join
  • Windows Update (Installs Drivers)
  • Run configuration script (removes default accounts, sets some BIOS stuff)
  • Verify antimalware
  • Verify special fonts
  • Verify Office installation
  • Verify automatic wifi connectivity
  • Install specialty software as needed

Thanks James. That’s what I’m working towards

Here’s the checklist I’ve been using. Some of these are specific to our use. And I haven’t used this since Microsoft took away the Domain Join Instead option on initial boot so my initial steps may not even work now. We are in the process of moving to Intune so my process will be changing anyway.

  1. Startup steps
    a. Customize Windows initial settings
    b. User = temp with no password
  2. Check Windows activation
  3. Computer name, add to local domain, and restart
  4. Assign to GPO in AD and gpupdate /force
  5. Windows Updates
  6. Local admin enable and assign password
  7. Delete Temp profile and files
  8. Allow remote access
  9. Install Chrome
  10. Dell firmware updates
  11. Copy and run ODT to install Office
  12. Install SQLSysCLRTypes.msi & ReportViewer.msi (CLR first)
  13. Install company fonts
  14. Map old computer and install previous fonts
  15. Install Adobe Reader
  16. Install VLC video player
  17. Install print drivers
  18. Install optional items
    a. Adobe InDesign
    b. iTunes
    c. Axis Camera Suite
  19. Deactivate perpetual Adobe software on old and install on new
  20. Install anti-virus