Check Scanning/Remote Deposit

Is anyone using Check Scanning/Remote Deposit within their ChMS? We bank with Chase and are looking to do something like this in 2020. I see that Rock RMS offers this but they don’t have an integration with our bank.

We used to do check scanning and remote deposit with ACS, but that is an old ChMS and Realm their new offering does not offer remote deposit. But it worked well for us in ACS because at the time our bank was on the West coast and we are on the east coast. We had switched banks by the time we went to Realm. The check scanning and remote deposit is easy to setup and run in ACS.


We’re still on ACS and this is one of the features keeping us there.

We wrote the original RDC code for RockRMS.
Banks each have their own specification for the RDC file. Getting the integration done for Chase would basically require talking to them about getting the spec definition, and then creating test batches and sending to them for testing and approval.
BEMA is the partner who posted and maintains the plugin. They can do additional specs. Pillars is another partner that can get that done too.

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Additional banks are added as projects with a church that funds them. They are then given back to the community in the plug-in. Reach out at Contact Us | External Website for more information.

Chris Green

A number of ChMS solutions provide that functionality, Jason. See my article (Church & Donor Management Software – ChMS - Ministry Business Services) for those in addition to The Rock.

Thanks for the insights everyone!

We haven’t started using it yet but Planning Center has an integration with Paperless Transactions. We will most likely start using it in the next couple of months.

Hey Steve,
That’s very interesting. We currently use PCO as well.