CCB Guidance for Church Plant

Hello! I have a pastor friend that is planting a church in TX. He’s having some problems with getting help from CCB to get started. Would anyone here have some margin to reach out and help him out? I’ve never worked with CCB so I’m not able to lend much help.

Are they new to CCB, or have it and want to add the new church? If they already have CCB, the new church could be an additional campus in the database. They would need the deluxe version to support multiple campuses. The implementation manager they used to migrate to CCB could help them out, or there might be some help videos at CCB to talk about setting up an additional campus.

  • Greg

They are new to CCB. They use PushPay for giving and was giving CCB for free but are having a hard time getting help with how to use it. I told him I would ask around to see if anyone had any suggestions or could lend a phone call to help him out.

I can reach out if he still needs an assist. We’re also in Texas and run about 5000 attendance. Most of our processes are in CCB as our “source of truth” for people data. So if there’s a process, I’m fairly certain we know where it breaks down with CCB and how to set it up for future proofing on a church plant. Can you send me any contact info?