"Category can't be blank" bug

Hi all,

I’m aware of the “Category can’t be blank bug” and a fix is already available upstream so we’re just waiting for the Discourse team to tag a release and I’ll install it ASAP.

For folks who have reached “Member” status, it’s not an issue and I think a lot of you are close. The requirements for Member status are:

  • 1 like given
  • 1 like received
  • 100 posts read
  • 60 minutes of time spent reading
  • 3 topic replies
  • 15 days of site visits

Remember this requires going to the website so if you only ever interact with email you won’t make Member status.

You can see all of these metrics by going to your profile summary page.

Also, if you want to get some more experience with Discorse you can run the @discobot new user tutorial by sending him a PM with the content “@discobot start new user”

Patch is out now, will update this afternoon :slight_smile:

Just tried to post via the website and it still is giving me the error. I
am not a “member” yet since I interact via email.


Looks like it’s fixed in Beta 8, will update this afternoon. Thanks for letting me know!