Casper: Creating Self-Service for OS upgrade?

We have many Macs on Yosemite and want to upgrade to El Capitan via Self-Service
I have tried several things with no success. Can someone share how they got it to work?
Thank you.

Try this: Jamf Nation

I haven’t tried it, but I think I understand the steps to be:

  1. Download the macOS Sierra App from the app store
  2. Drag Install macOS Sierra from your Applications folder into Casper Admin - this uploads an InstallESD.dmg file that you can rename in Admin to Install Sierra or whatever you want the package name to be
  3. Make your policy and configure it to install the InstallESD.dmg package
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I would also check out these links from Rich. Specially the second so your self service policy isn’t available to old macs.