Casper application usage reports, anyone do this

I looking for some help with creating a report of how much time people spend in different apps or basically want to know what people are mostly using on their Macs.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to do this out of the box. It would require some custom reporting through the API. I haven’t seen anyone do this exact thing, but I believe the information you are looking for is stored in the JSS database, there’s just no way to access it through the GUI.

@Joem What @jmccarty is technically true. There are no “built in” reports to bulk export or display what everyone is doing on one sheet of paper. What we did was manually review the application usage per machine for a specific time period and recorded it to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

You’ll need to make sure that “Collect Application Usage Information” is enabled in the inventory collection section of computer management settings.

If you cared more than a one off situation, using something with the API might be advantageous. Otherwise, hunker down for a few hours and transpose from the History tab of the computer inventory record.

Thank you. That helps a bunch.

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