Capturing Sunday services

Hey peeps! Looking for help setting up an inexpensive and easy to operate solution for capturing Sunday services at our campuses. We have a broadcast campus and five other locations, two permanent and three portable. We would like to be able to capture video/audio for our campus and service programming teams. It wouldn’t need to be high fidelity - just sufficient to provide feedback on hosting, transitions, timing, etc. I don’t think we would need to save footage for more than a week.

Anyone out there already doing something like this? What would you recommend?

Sounds to me like a CCTV type application. You can get some quite good analogue CCTV packages with 720p or 1080i cameras, DVR and audio input that are very cheap. They can record constant or only when motion is sensed, and date & time stamp everything. You can watch back multiple cameras simultaneously, so see impact of an issue from different angles. It can also double as a security system if you need that.

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Some of our campuses just run a camcorder at the tech booth for reviewing their music team and the campus pastor/local host part of their service.

We keep a recording of every full service through our streaming service for the broadcast campus.

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When you say “broadcast campus”, does that imply you’re already doing video streaming, just not storing the footage? If so, anything from KiPro or BlackMagic would likely suffice; we have KiPro for quality, and some BlackMagic HyperDeck units for the lower-quality stuff.

Thanks Russ! We are also leaning into CCTV/security systems for each of our campuses, so I like that this could be dual purpose.

Correct Jared - we are broadcasting from our broadcast campus using LivingAsOne’s system, which btw is top notch. But this requirement is to essentially broadcast from each of our other campuses and we’re not looking to replicate the (expensive) system of cameras, decks, etc that we have in place at the broadcast campus.

Also, it would be ideal to have something that is captured in the cloud so that there isn’t a physical transport issue.

We have this general structure as well, but since part of what we’re reviewing (when we review) is camera framing, color balance, etc… basically everything about the video that hit the screens/feed, we don’t use something like IP cams/CCTV, we use BlackMagic HyperDecks that are tied into the gear at the main/source campus. Basically a “Y-cable” of the broadcast output, if you will. (Though of course not physically a Y-cable, but a duplicated matrix output, or similar.)