Call for 2020 CITN Regional Roundtables

I think we’re going to ask DFW peeps to join the houston folks this year.

@Russ you’re more than welcome to make it happen over there! We aren’t connected with many UK churches so it’s on you to spread the word and git-r-dun :slight_smile:

@MattPugh80 can you and Derek make something happen?

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@Jared_Fritz We don’t have a lot of churches in the WA area, but maybe a CITN church could partner with you guys and host it at your HQ.

We are approved. Monday or Wednesday of that week would be a bit more ideal, but we can make Tuesday work.

Of course, if someone else in SoCal wants to host, we are happy to travel as well.

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@Jared_Fritz I’ve actually got a church that would like to host in WA. Our preference is to host these at a church location when possible. So, thank you for the generous offer of having it at your HQ, but let’s use a WA church location this round. Thanks!

You’re the only CA offer at this point, so I say we go forward with your place :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, how many people on this forum are in the UK?

@Grandmofflopez I did see a note that Checkr (a CITN 2019 Partner) would like to help host in the San Francisco area… FWIW. I can get you contact info if you email me at jason(dot)lee(At)

If you want a spot on the south suburbs of Chicago that would be a nice halfway for Chicago folks, NW Indiana folks, and central IL folks, I can make it happen here at Parkview

I do have Leadership approval (and event space) to host a Regional here at Fellowship Greenville on March 31. We would love to be a first-time regional host!

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The CITN leadership team is meeting Friday to talk through site proposals and such. We should have deets for ya afterwards. Thanks for your patience.

@tschordock NE Ohio is a go! :slight_smile:

If it’s not too late, I would like to throw our hat in the ring to host here at Hope community Church in Raleigh North Carolina. I do have leadership support. As well as a group of folks excited to get together with other churches and see if we can’t share some stories and solve some problems. Thanks for considering us.

Let me know how your leadership meeting goes! I got church leadership support and space is available :slight_smile:

@djrock93 you’re confirmed to host. @MattPugh80 has requested you have it on Monday and at the columbia location since that’s better for him lol :slight_smile:

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Derek, let me know if you need any help or ideas. I’m still not sure if I’m going to make it yet, but I’m available as a resource before hand if you need it.

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Thanks Matt and Jason!

@Bill_Morrison you have a green light :slight_smile:

Fellowship Greenville
3161 S. Hwy. 14
Greenville, SC
Tuesday, March 31