Calendar integration with BAS (HVAC)

hey new to the forum (first post). Hopefully I’m posting this to correct forum.
Question is: have any churches had any success integrating a calendar, either from google calendar (iCal format) or calendar from a facility management software into the front end of a BAS, to control schedules and exception events automatically rather than inputting events individually? I’ve talked with the scheduling software companies and they have said that buildings have had success using iCal as an import or using an API to integrate. This would be for a building currently using metasys software with a possibility of switching over to Trane’s tracer SC. Thanks in advance.

We were a Tracer Summit shop for many, many years. Just last year that was upgraded to Tracer SC and we have it on game agenda this year to integrate that with the Events module of our ChMS - MinistryPlatform. This will happen via a third party tool - Events2HVAC. They have modules to integrate with many ChMS as well as generic iCal feeds or Exchange resources. I’d highly recommend you have a conversation with Tonya and Brian over there - good peeps!

Hi Brandon,

Events2HVAC can pull schedules from more than 20 different calendar systems, and send commands to many types of HVAC controls. We have an interface for GSuite (Google Calendar), which works with both the personal version and the version for non-profits and businesses. Are you using the non-profit version or a personal (free) Google calendar to schedule events at your church?

On the HVAC side, our BACnet/IP interface will work with either your JCI Metasys system or Trane Tracer SC. We have done integrations to both of those systems. If you decide to stick with Metasys, we also have an interface specific to that system that is a bit faster and easier to implement. But using the BACnet interface gives you more flexibility if you add buildings with different systems in the future - or decide to change your controls later. Most of our integrations go through BACnet.

Feel free to contact me at or (970) 237-4382 with additional questions.

Thanks for mentioning us and Events2HVAC, Justin!