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So we currently use ServiceU for facility management. All other events like staff time off and other events are stored in a shared Outlook calendar. We are wanting to consolidate so all this can be done with one system and someone can look at one calendar and see everything from events, to facility use, to staff vacations.

Anyone know or use something that can do all this?

Please forgive me if this feels selfserving…checkout


We’re in the same position. I really think Outlook could do everything we want. It would mean setting up room resources and retraining everyone on processes.

I should mention we still want a public facing calendar as well. Not sure how easy that would be using Outlook calendars.

I had already visited espace but saw nothing about calendars tracking peoples vacation and such.

Are you on Office 365? For public room requests a Form could collect the data and a Flow could populate the calendar. Office can present a public calendar but the bigger challenge would be maintaining the public/private data separation. I think its possible but probably more setup and management than most staff want, thus the market for off the shelf solutions.

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Hey Craig…you are right…we are not specifically set up for “people”. The work around some people use is to great a “space” for people then in the hierarchy, create “children” for staff. Just a thought.


Is there a way to automatically make those calendars not view able by public?

We currently use serviceU, and if you choose one setting incorrectly while creating an event, it is public.

What are you using for Church Management already? I would think that it would be better to not create another data silo if you didn’t have to.

Just a thought. I know there are some that tie in resources with events, groups, etc.

We use self hosted ACS. Not really a problem for us to have a separate system for facility and calendar tracking.

If at all possible, use your ChMS. We use CCB and the built in calendar functions meets our needs for public calendar, room and resource scheduling, Groups calendars, etc. Resources include tables, chairs (it counts them), AV equipment, buses. They can be requested as part of room or event requests.

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