Buying vs Leasing Printers

I have a Brother MFC-9560CDW that we inherited. It has over 120,000 pages printed and I’m starting to get errors to replace the drum kit, the laser, and the PF kit. Drum Kit and PF Kit are pretty inexpensive and seem easy to replace, but the laser seems pretty expensive. I’m considering leasing a printer, probably a Canon IR Advance C256F II. I’m not huge fan of the 60 month lease or the page counts, but I like that all parts, labor, and toner are included.

I’m curious if most churches are buying or leasing printers?

While I am typically against leasing wherever possible, when it comes to printers I lease everything that is important and/or costs more than I am comfortable randomly throwing away.

For most of the churches and/or businesses I work with, this means that we lease everything printing related which costs more than $1500.00 or so.

So we will buy/own some low usage brother laser printers, epson inkjets, or maybe the odd enterprise B&W lexmark - but beyond that we lease. Unless you have high page counts and large machine fleets, it is almost always cheaper to lease or rent the machines owing to maintenance and consumables costs.

Canon is good kit, and I would be happy to have them in my space presuming the backing company was competent.

Thanks. We typically haven’t had the need for large and more expensive printers because we don’t have heavy volume. At least we haven’t historically. We’ve been using Brother printers which have been working fine except when they don’t or need maintenance. I think we’ve paid maybe $500 tops for a printer without factoring in toner and replacement parts.

There isn’t much that I would lease but we found that leasing a copier/printer was cheaper in the long run compared to owning our copier and having a maintenance contract.