Budgeting tool for Intacct

For all you Intacct users out there… curious what people are using for building their budgets each year. We currently work with our Accounting department to build some intense Excel spreadsheets that get sent to each department. We then compile the completed spreadsheets and import them into Intacct.

We are looking at some of the Marketplace partners who offer budgeting solutions. So far, the ones we’ve looked at have been either overkill or more than we want to spend.

What are you using?

Intacct is integrated with Martus, which is probably the defacto option and pretty well regarded. Though, as you mention… potentially overkill. It would be for us.

We tend to export Budgeted Financial reports to excel and ask for new numbers. Upon review, we enter. It’s not as slick as Martus, but works dandy. Total “entry” time for us is well under a dozen hours…


We pretty much do the same thing. Excel is our friend :slight_smile:


We also use Martus. We are about to begin our second year.

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We use Martus. It works well to give users easy to understand access. Our accounting dept did take the time to set up each user with their budget view.

We just finished implementing Martus. It has been a great tool for viewing budget data and creating a new budget for 2020. ONLY caveat for us, was that there was not an easy way to PRINT the master budget for our elders to review… it was a very manual process of exporting out the Excel spreadsheets. Maybe one day we can just look at it entirely digitally :smiley: