Browsing another PC's OneDrive folders

SInce I am an admin, I can browse any users computer remotely by…


I am moving users to OneDrive and needed to put something on someone Desktop which is now a OneDrive folder. However, when I try to open the folder, it says I do not have rights.

The rights are set exactly how all other folders are. Any ideas how to let me get access?

you can also go the O365 admin panel, go to the actual user you are trying to connect with, go to onedrive settings at the bottom, and then access files, this should take you to their onedrive online folder and you can upload a file to any folder you want from there.

In addition to that - if you wanted to do it on the internal network are you accessing the onedrive folder as domain admin? I just tried it on Jeff’s computer and when I went to his \computername\c$ it asked me for credentials - I entered in the domain username and password and then I was able to navigate to his onedrive folder / contents.

Yes, I am a domain admin. Weird those are the only folders it will not let me access. We are small enough I just went computer by computer and gave domain admins rights to the folder.